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Buzz Blocker ™ Mosquito & No-See-Um Repellent- Spray 4oz

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Buzz Blocker™ : The one that really works!

Includes a 3 oz spray bottle of Buzz Blocker™ mosquito repellent. The spray - on application is best when applied prior to getting dressed or carefully by hand, to avoid contact with clothing. Used to repel mosquitoes and no see-ums (tiny flying insects that are incredibly difficult to spot. They are also referred to as biting midges, punkies, sand flies or biting gnats).

Meant to be used as one would a sunblock: You will only have coverage where you apply Buzz Blocker™,  and you may have to apply multiple times depending on duration of time outdoors.  

Ingredients:  Organic grape seed oil, organic blend of lemongrass, peppermint, citronella, lemon, rosemary, and cedar wood essential oils. 

WARNING: For external use only. Keep away from clothing and fabric, it may stain.