What People Are Saying...

“We love Buzz Blocker- it’s non toxic and does its job! Last summer at the barn the bugs were bad- minutes after we applied buzz blocker we noticed a huge difference, especially with the horse flies! I love being able to use a product that does what it says without the poison and chemicals in traditional bug repellents.”

- Tasha Schurgin, Clarkston, MI

“Buzz blocker is the only mosquito repellent I use for me and my family! Not only is it all natural but it is the only one that actually works! I give this a huge thumbs up!! “

-Christina Fantin, Estero, Florida

"I have a son who has allergic reactions to mosquito bites, so he needs to be protected, but I am concerned about exposing him to harmful chemicals.  Buzz Blocker keeps the mosquitoes away using all natural ingredients!"

-Renee O., Milford, MI

“I was very happy to try out Buzz Blocker as the mosquitos were in full swing.  The biggest test for me was in the late summer evening while floating in my pool. I was a skeptical at first as mosquitos love me. However, they stayed away and I continued to float. Lol I believe in the Buzz Blocker as I share it with everybody and happily buy them as gifts.  I also know what I’m putting on my skin, but most importantly what I’m putting on my kids.  Give the Buzz Blocker a chance and get your Buzz on now. “

-Victoria R., Oakland Twp., MI

“Buzz Blocker works great and allows me to enjoy outdoor activities without having to worry about bug bites!”

-Shelley L., Springfield Twp., MI

 "Excellent product - great for avoiding mosquito bites and moisturizes the skin.  Safe for my 3-year-old granddaughter.  She lives in Jamaica, so it great for tropical countries.”

- Nydia, Naples, Florida

"I live on Cass lake the bug situation last year was so bad until I started using buzz blocker! Going to be a staple in my house."

-Lisa Chaben, MI

"🙌💥🙌❤The best bug deterrent EVER!!! We can sit outside and enjoy the summer now because of Buzz Blocker!!❤💥

-Maria Sileo, Greenwich, CT